Schrade Cut. Co. Walden NY Bone 2 Blade Barlow Knife c.1904-1946


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Schrade Cut. Co. ~ Walden NY ~ Bone 2 Blade Barlow Knife ~ c.1904-1946 ~ Genuine Bone Handles ~ Iron Bolsters ~ Iron Liners ~ Snaps Open and Shut with Half Stops . A knife with character.

  • 3 3/8 inches closed
  • Has been Used, Sharpened and Carried
  • No box
  • Condition is Very Good ( very little blade wear, patina consistent with age and use ) See photos and Condition rating below


NKCA Grading system


MINT: A factory fresh knife, absolutely original as it came from the manufacturer, not carried or sharpened, a perfect knife.

NEAR MINT: A new knife that has seen sometimes, show some slight carry or shop wear, blades snap perfectly, handles show no cracks.

EXCELLENT: Shows no more than 10% blade wear, handles are sound, no cracks, blades snap good.

VERY GOOD: About 25% blade wear, slight cracks in handles, may have one lazy blade, stamping clearly visible to the naked eye, no blades changed or repaired.

FAIR: 50% blade wear, blades lazy, cracks and chips in handles, handles replaced with same type, blades repaired, stampings faint but readable with a glass.

POOR: Blades very worn, handles bad or missing, blades have been replaced with the same type, reading of the stamp is almost impossible, even with a glass, good mostly only for parts.

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