GREY WOLF BLADES is a producer and broker for knives that are designed and built by knife-making co-ops in Oregon and Pennsylvania. They are hand forged and handmade. 

The makers design the blades for us and purchase German steel ( 1095HC) and Swedish nickel ( 15N20 ) from a German company named SANDVIK. The steel is shipped to England , where a blacksmith forges it to the makers specifications and ships the blades to them in Oregon and Pennsylvania. 

They make their own handles and also do the acid etching , file work , and bolster work here in the United States. The handles are unique , and the Damascus work on the blades is top notch. The pins are brass , and the knives are built to last a lifetime. No two knives are the same. 

The blades are heat treated to 58-60HRC, and they built to perform well in the field. The sheaths are top leather cowhide and are hand-stitched. 

These knives are not built outside the U.S., nor or they machine made like so many on the market today. 

These blades under normal wear and tear, are warranted for defects in materials and workmanship. 

 The knife you see will be the knife you receive. Each Grey Wolf Knife is a one of a kind.


 KNIVESATLANTA is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality knives and gear for your outdoor adventures, E.D.C. (every day carry), camp and kitchen, vintage and collector knives. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Grey Wolf Blades.

All Grey Wolf knives are shipped free !!