PUMA Waidblatt w/ Jagdnicker VINTAGE 1983


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This set of knives from Puma is very Rare. Has satin finished high carbon steel blades, nickel silver guards and butts, stag scaled, full tang construction. Still has original rockwell stickers.  Comes with black leather sheath.

The date code on the set is#17381 ( early 1983 ). The condition of the knives is mint to near mint according to the NKCA grading system. ( see below ) The sheath is in excellent condition with only some wear at the snaps. No box.


The Waidblatt is another knife design of Senior Forester Walter Frevert.  Being involved with the nations forest, Frevert’s  influence extended to the management of the  country’s wildlife populations, particularly, deer herds.  He was as an avid hunter and sports figure on a national scale in Germany. He was also a published author on deer management and hunting techniques for deer and wild boar.

Due, in part to his popularity and his recognized skills as a hunter, PUMA enlisted his help to design the first serious introduction of PUMA into the hunting knife industry. His efforts produced the Waidblatt and the Jagdnicker,  among others. These two knives together make up the combination knife set known as the Waidbesteck.

The Waidblatt is a heavy weight forward knife design. The knife is used for big chores such as quartering large animals where hacking through meat and bone are more important than slicing of meat and removing the hide from the animal. It is one of the largest knives made by PUMA. It gained rapid popularity among German hunters and became one of the most popular designs offered by PUMA for International sale.




MINT: A factory fresh knife, absolutely original as it came from the manufacturer, not carried or sharpened, a perfect knife


NEAR MINT: A new knife that has seen sometimes, show some slight carry or shop wear, blades snap perfectly, handles show no cracks. 


EXCELLENT: Shows no more than 10% blade wear, handles are sound, no cracks, blades snap good. 


VERY GOOD: About 25% blade wear, slight cracks in handles, may have one lazy blade, stamping clearly visible to the naked eye, no blades changed or repaired. 


FAIR: 50% blade wear, blades lazy, cracks and chips in handles, handles replaced with same type, blades repaired, stampings faint but readable with a glass. 


POOR: Blades very worn, handles bad or missing, blades have been replaced with the same type, reading of the stamp is almost impossible, even with a glass, good mostly only for parts.